We will carry out a comfortable meeting and transportation of VIP clients

Mercedes cars ready for comfortable delivery You or your guests, clients or business partners. You will always find your comfortable option thanks to a large rental park cars.


Why us?

When renting a car with a driver, you must be sure of your carrier. MINSKAVTO guarantees:

  • Comfortable premium cars of the Mercedes brand.
  • Professional and experienced drivers.
  • Quality of service provided with many years of experience in the field of business transportation.
  • Excellent service, favorable conditions and optimal prices for car rental in Minsk.

Transfer to the airport, train station

Offering a transfer to the airport, you get a rental car Mercedes business class in strict black without identification marks of taxi services.


Business class car rental with driver

We will help you to safely and quickly get to the place of business meeting, arrange a meeting and delivery of employees.


Auto for corporate events

Our professional drivers will take you to the wedding venue, holidays, corporate parties and other your commemorative events safe, accurate and on time.


Long-distance rental

A personal driver will deliver you from Minsk to any city on request including Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, when booking, we provide a car for movement with a driver in Moscow.

Professional drivers

Professional drivers are responsible for your safety. Having ordered a car with us You will be sure that the car will be delivered on time, and the route will be safe.

Work in any environment

Our drivers will deliver you to the destination in difficult road and weather conditions without violating the rules of the road traffic, and without putting customers at risk.

24/7 work

Car rental is available around the clock. The car will arrive on holidays, at night, rush hour. You can reserve a car by agreeing the date and time in advance.

Minimum car feed time

The car’s delivery time is no more than 1 hour, with a transfer to the airport - 2 hours.

We provide transfer services, car rental with a driver in Minsk.